Sex of baby at 18 weeks. Pregnancy symptoms at 18 weeks.

Sex of baby at 18 weeks

They are about the size of a dollar bill. By now you've learned that a pregnant body refuses to be restrained. The fetus will now have learned to yawn and hiccup , and you may even be able to feel the hiccupping motion. Early movements may feel like tiny bubbles popping in your tummy, or a fluttering sensation. One of the most noticeable symptoms at this stage of pregnancy is a feeling of dizziness and lightheadedness on standing up too quickly. Comfortable clothing, comfortable words and comfortable situations can help you overcome all kinds of obstacles on your way through the pregnancy, and your comforting response is just what she needs when her emotions get the best of her. Sex of baby at 18 weeks

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  1. Alternatively, you can put a hot pack or water bottle on your feet, which will dilate those blood vessels and draw more blood away from your head.

  2. I'm constantly forgetting simple things these days, and that's not like me. The uterus can push against an artery and slow the flow of blood. Try keeping indigestion and heartburn at bay by having smaller meals throughout the day, avoiding rich or fatty foods, and sitting upright after eating.

  3. Pregnancy symptoms at 18 weeks The uncomfortable feeling you sometimes get after eating is probably indigestion , a very common side-effect of pregnancy. If you feel a headache coming on, apply an ice pack to your forehead as soon as possible to contract those blood vessels and fight off the pain.

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