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In much of the animal kingdom the female is only receptive during ovulation and one or at most a few matings virtually assure fertilization, whereas a human couple seeking to have a baby takes on average about a year of frequent sex to achieve a pregnancy. Another not necessarily exclusive evolutionary advantage for permanent breasts is to repurpose a preexisting instinct, namely, the attachment of mother to child through the release of oxytocin and other hormones by nursing. Most obvious is permanent breasts which develop at puberty, an evolutionarily expensive feature which is possessed by very few other animals. More sex and more sperm success translates to more offspring. Let us honor God by showing these women what He wants for them in marriage! Lurid The contractions that result from female orgasm aid in the fertilization of the egg. Dolphins on the other hand have been observed to have sex very often for example. Sex wife blogs

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  1. All of these work to bond the woman to her mate, which is necessary to forming a stable pair bond.

  2. The real question is do they enjoy it enough where they want to do it all the time for fun and pleasure.

  3. Humans have a long history of claiming that we are different from the other animals because we are the only species that…. Interested in adding your voice and becoming a blogger?

  4. There are people who work on hog farms who artificially inseminate sows, and there is significant evidence that the sow has a better chance of becoming pregnant if she has an … ummm…. Let us honor God by showing these women what He wants for them in marriage!

  5. TheRoommate There are some animals in the animal kingdom who try to or do have sex with same sex.

  6. It is not uncommon to hear women speaking negatively about sex. It has been suggested that this evolved as a sexual signal to replace the rounded buttocks when we developed longer legs and began to mate face-to-face.

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