Sexy medium haircuts. Whom do Layered Medium Haircuts Flatter?.

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Sexy medium haircuts

If you are a low maintenance gal who craves a no nonsense cut that still flaunts plenty of style, definitely go for a cropped shoulder length number. Finely Chopped Honey Blonde Bob This medium-length bob mixes feminine waves with choppy layers to create a style that is edgy yet still elegant. Girls with luxurious thick mane are gaining the feel ease and lightness with layered haircuts. This style draws together several different hair fashion strands to produce a sophisticated version of the shaggy long bob. Middle Part and Medium Length Medium long styles are optimal if you love versatility in hairstyles. Layers keep hair from being too heavy, which is essential for medium length and long tresses. Sexy medium haircuts

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  1. A wonderful everyday style. Voluminous Layers and Dark Roots If you want to make a statement, go for a high-contrast palette.

  2. Perfectly face framing and gorgeous, the chin length bob is a popular style for obvious reasons. Layered Wavy Lob Long bobs are popular for a reason:

  3. It will give your cut some texture while highlights brighten the dark strands. Start with a short asymmetrical cut and add loose waves throughout.

  4. Chop off those bleached ends, when you want to give your hair a break from color, promoting healthier locks.

  5. The secret of these thin blonde highlights is in their generous amount and the chosen ashy hue. Perfect style for ALL women! If you want to recreate this modern take on the bob, use a large barrel curling wand on medium heat.

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