Slow sentual sex. She Is Ready For Anal Sex.

Slow sentual sex

Blow By Blow — Swirl your tongue around the tip and twist your hand around the base of his penis and enjoy his going wild under your touch. Come back to his center and draw a line with your tongue down over his chest and belly until you get just close enough to his penis that he whimpers in pleasure. For slow sex beginners, Mare suggests taking turns exploring less-obvious erogenous zones, starting with the feet and hands, then the toes and fingers, then behind the knees and elbows. When he gets home, have the shower running and yourself in it. Both partners should be making arrangements to look after children and that children should not be used as an excuse for quickie sex. Girl, you are going to have him begging for you to go down on him and believe me, you will be ready too. Remember all this anticipation is the secret sauce of slow sensual sex. Slow sentual sex

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  1. You should be also willing to thrust gently after you have ejaculated to prolong the pleasure of slow sex. Reassure him that you want that too. Knead the tightness with your fingers and lean forward and kiss the back of his neck.

  2. The kisses on faces and necks should be more of nibbling rather than of intense and that can lead to a slow buildup which will help slow sex. If he gets dry, lick him again, like a popsicle, long and slow. Purr and whisper something dirty into his ear like… Sit up and grab the warm massage oil you have placed on the bed side table.

  3. This technique is super easy but very pleasurable. Once you and your partner become experts in slow sex, you can try this act in different rooms. Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know if you love sensual sex too!

  4. When he gets home, have the shower running and yourself in it. Have him stretch his arms above his head and put them on the shower wall. Make sure that you breathe slowly and that will intensifies the urge to slow sex.

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